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About our school

Providing each student with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in the academic, social and personal fields to their full potential is the fundamental aim of Yass Public School.

As we have students with varying abilities and from many different backgrounds, the school provides a range of programs to meet these diverse needs. These include support programs in reading and maths, a band program, individual learning programs, behaviour support and social skills programs, and sporting and cultural programs. Children learn most effectively in a safe and secure environment which has strong elements of trust, respect and confidence. This is the environment which we at Yass Public School strive to provide. Underpinning these teaching and learning programs is the school's welfare and discipline policy, which includes a whole-school behaviour program for class and playground behaviour, an anti-bullying policy and the teaching of interpersonal and social skills.

..a school where children

enjoy attending in safety and with confidence

can learn in a stimulating and challenging but non-threatening environment

learn according to their potential and develop their skills, interests and talents

grow with a confidence which is grounded in reality

.....a school where parents

are confident in the philosophies and practices of the school

and staff share the same goals for children

participate in decision-making and program implementation

feel free to communicate with staff

.....a school where staff

provide a stimulating, supportive and accepting school climate

are focussed on each student's needs

relate positively to students

solve problems and make decisions in terms of the common good of students.